Beautiful Eyes Ideas.

The first thing that any one will notice when the look upon your face, is your eyes. You can instantly exude beauty and confidence, or just as instantly convey tired years of aging. Loss of sleep will just multiply that effect by ten, with puffiness and a redness to the whites of your eyes. It’s not easy. Life on the daily grind has us working to much and sleeping too little. Strategies and techniques must be put in play to help you look your best during such trying times.

One technique is the use of concealer under the eyes. Dark shadows and circles convey the opposite of who you are. Concealing such semi blemishes will go a long way to assist you in giving off the vibrancy that you feel inside. Make sure that you apply your eyeliner correctly. When using a dark liner, create a lone mid way of greater across the top as well as the bottom of the eye directly with the lash line. If you were to go any farther, you automatically create the illusion of having smaller eyes. Give a light tinted liner a go, and try it out. The use of a light or maybe a white liner, will attract available light to your eyes, and make your eyes appear to be bigger. Trying a silver liner may just reflect enough light to really brighten your eyes over all.

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Be sure to use quality eye shadows to enlarge the over all look. This can be done by a technique of employing three shades of the shadows. A light tinted shadow is to be used at the eye lid and eye brow bone area. Then you would apply a medium tinted eye shadow in the eye crease it self.  A darker shadow or even a darker shade of eye liner can be used along the eye lash line. If you were to them add some shimmery colored eye shadow at the corner of your eyes, that would assist in attracting and reflecting light.

The final idea to be shared in this post relates directly to the eye brows. When shaping the eye brows, we must consider that the brows are the frames of your eyes, just like a picture frame. Very important yes, and the frame can be tinted and shaped for maximum vibrancy. Threading, plucking, and maybe some waxing will be needed to create your desired frame. Always remove those unwanted, ugly stray hairs that we all hate, but we all have. The trick is to never remove too much of the brow. If a small error is made, fill it in with your favorite brow pencil. Using a quality eye brow gel can also add to your natural color as well as assist in preventing smudges.

Best of luck with these ideas. Cheers.








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