Colored Mascara.

Making a strong comeback from the 1980s, is the idea of colored eye makeups. This may not be a new concept, but it’s most definitely having a resurgence. The initial excitemnet began with fashion designers having their models wearing very bold pink and blue mascaras as they would walk down the runway, and then all the fashion magazines became drowned in the very favorite picks of all the colored mascaras. Now, there is plenty of shades available in every color imaginable. Makeup addicts can really create a trend all their own. Colored mascaras can really do amazing wonders for the eyes, brightening your eye color, and making all the colors nature gave to you, more vibrant.

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For you to know what colored mascaras will be best for you, a list of the best pink, purple, green and blue mascaras will be in this post. You will learn a bit more about finding the correct mascara to bring out the nature of your eye color.

Colored mascara is the ultimate idea towards complimenting your eye color. Mascara has a way of making the eyes pop. The greatest way to a serious statement is a blue mascara. Blue is a shade that gives life to all colors of eyes, and accents eyes like no other mascara color can.Blue adds brightness to the whites of the eyes, and adds to the vibrancy of the natural eye color. Options of shade of blue are nave, midnight, cobalt, turquoises and others as well.

Amazing green mascaras are available in many shades as well. Moss green seems to work best on those who have blue eyes, and emerald green seems to work best for those who have brown eyes. If you combine a green with an eyeliner that is a shade darker, you can get even better results from the green mascara. One of the simplest ways to create your own trend is by putting purple mascara to use. Those amazing shades of plum, berry or burgundy add to the punch of the already intense look of a good black mascara.It’s makes more of an impact during day light hours because of the greater visibility of the two differing shades.


The popularity of the purple mascaras is such because they look equally good against on green, blue, brown or hazel eyes.  Although purple is not really considered to be an everyday shade, Friday at the office might feel a bit special if you give it a go. Last but not least is the pink mascara. Pink looks especially good up against green eyes. Pink mascara is a great and different style of making the most natural of makeups stand up and shout. Consider any ebook online as a good resource for getting more ideas on mascara.


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