Making Mascara.

It’s very possible that you may not find the shade of mascara that you really wish to have. Not to worry, because you can take matters into your own hands, and make what you want. No it’s not crazy, and no it’s not impossible. You can honestly make your own mascara. What you need is a pure colored eye shadow in the shade that you desire, and a high quality clear mascara.

homemade mascara

Now, place some of the eye shadow on a mixing dish or a foil square that you have made, then dip the wand of the mascara that is already covered in clear gel, into the pigment. Carefully mix the ingredients together until you have a very smooth paste. The last thing you want is clumpy of flaky mascara. Once your makeup instincts tell you that you have the smooth paste that you desire, apply the mascara to your lashes the same way you always do.

Things you can try with this new mascara, apply your normal black mascara to the upper lashes and apply the new mascara to your bottom eyelashes for a subtle and different array of colors. Or you can go and apply black mascara at the very roots of the lashes and then go with the colored mascara to the tips of your lashes to create accent to the overall look and add a splash of your very favorite colors that will only become visible at those moments when you blink your eyes. Another idea is to put black mascara on, covering all of the lashes, then add the colored mascara to the base of the lashes for an opposite effect than the one done before.

Recently there was a trend where black mascara was being blended into colored pastes to create a whole new color of mascara that way.The use of a blue eye liner along with a lighter shade of mascara, such as a light brown, was having good results as well.


Lets say you wish to make a statement with your own personality showing through to it’s maximum. Choose a shade that closely matches the natural color of your eyes, go bold with that shade, and then go very limited with the other makeups that you will apply that day. Doing so will make it clear to whomever you are with, that you are so confident being the real you.

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