Red Mascara.

Some people believe that the best Red Mascara has just been developed. It is a product sold by none other than Bloody Mary. Mary uses unique natural fibers that totally make for a fuller and longer lash without the nasty clumps and with no disgusting flaking! Bloody Mary’s Red Mascara is awesome to wear during the day light hours, or during the night, and this mascara really is a must for all of those who have been yearning for something dynamic to enhance their own lovely lashes. Black mascaras will always own the block, but lets be honest. We are all getting bored putting on our mom’s favorite mascara color. When it comes to mascaras, red really does feel like the new black.

bloody mary mascara

The thing about Bloody Mary products is that they all apply so nicely, and never do they clump up too much. The next time you apply mascara, try and use the technique of coating the tops of your lashes first, then give your attention to the underside as to be sure the color covers as much lash area as possible. Many people have been looking for a new brand of red mascara for quite some time now, and so many customers are pleased to find this one. Consistent quality, consistent color and consistent coverage. This mascara also comes with a great eye guard to protect your face while you do the combing of your eye lashes. Expect not experience any clumping problems, and a final result that is really great.

Another great aspect to this mascara is that it is all natural. Makeup lovers worldwide must be vigilant in their efforts to avoid as much toxicity as possible, while not giving up on the looks that are craved. One thing that this red can do, it is fills a void for those who needed a red base for their blue mascara. There are plenty of people opting for blue these days, but find that using black as a base, washes out the blue. When using this red as a base coat for blue, many have seen a much greater and natural looking blue color as the end result.


So lets review. Great natural fibers for an awesome look. No serious issues regarding clumping or flaking. The lash guard is amazing, and this red is an awesome base for going blue. A very nice product for those of us who find the awesome black to simply be to boring at time. I have no relationship will Bloody Mary, so you will need to find your way to a website that offers Bloody Mary Products. It’s always a great idea to read five to ten reviews before making a buy, and i have noticed many more reviews available for this product in the last month or so.

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