Waterproof Mascara.

There really is so much love and hate involved with waterproof makeup, especially waterproof mascaras. Essentially such a mascara is good only for swimming or a serious letting out of tears. However if there is not a pool side extravaganza, or a tear filled wedding to attend, what is the actual point to it all? How will you ever comfortable remove such mascara? Let’s take a quick look at why we need waterproof items such as these, and talk a bit about making it all as comfortable as possible. During the summer months, the beaches are booming, pools are open everywhere, and many newer large apartment buildings are sure to have a pool these days.

Weddings start in spring, and many dream of an autumn wedding date, so you must be ready at all times it seems. Not only that. when it’s ninety five degrees in the shade, and you are at an outdoor party, what mascara works best for such an inferno? Yeah it’s the waterproof stuff. No?

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Whenever you must be sure to have a mascara that will not fail you, no matter the conditions, that is when to go for the waterproof product. You will have no fear of flakes falling off of your lashes or any fear of streaking if you use the most durable mascara that you own. One idea to make life easier, is to apply a primer first. Apply some conditioning primer to the lashes, then apply the waterproof mascara. You will see less damage to the lashes when removing the makeup, but still have the protection desired while have the mascara in use.

The love hate aspect of this durable, cannot live without makeup, comes at the point of removal. Water based removers offer no solution worth trying up against a waterproof mascara. You will need to invest in a high quality oil based mascara removing product. Two faced, sephora, avon, maybelline, all sell a quality product for the safe and effective removal of waterproof mascaras. It is quite easy to find online, or at the local drug store near you.

Lastly i want to suggest that you never use waterproof mascara on a daily basis. It is not so much that the mascara itself is harmful, it is the extra effort of removal that can damage your lashes over time due to too much contact with your hands and with the removal products. Use the waterproof a few times a month when it makes perfect sense to do so. That way you have the best possible outcome when using such products, and by not over doing it, you will save your lashes from undue abuses. Best of luck out there with it.










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