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Why Red Mascara?

Beauty and fashion are so diverse and dynamic; encompassing a vast array of products and brands. The trends in this field change faster than any other. Makeup and cosmetics are a major part of this world of fashion and beauty. Today, people are more aware and appreciative of makeup as an art form. Unlike a few decades back, use of makeup is not restricted for people from the entertainment industry or for special occasions only. Makeup and cosmetics are now a part of everyday life for most women and men around the globe. Makeup artists have gained a high position as professionals as a result of this change in people’s acceptance to makeup.

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Looking at models and prominent faces on TV and other media channels we are always wondering and amazed at the flawless makeup they present. Sometimes it seems like the artist has used the face like a canvas and painted a beautiful picture. Makeup has really evolved over the years. The colors and shades of makeup products are not restricted to the basic pinks and peaches or the basic browns and black. Today you can find every product in every color and more.

Red Mascara is the new trend that makeup enthusiasts are going crazy about. Yes, the mascara is no more restricted to the usual and boring black and brown. It goes trendy and it goes bold RED. Your eyelashes create more drama than you realize. Thick mascara eyelashes give your eyes a dramatic effect, bringing out a sensual and sexy look. No wonder fake eyelashes are so popular. But it’s time to move over and bring in a new change, a change that will get you instantly noticed.

Eye makeup is generally considered to be the trickiest but also the most enhancing. Most people experiment with bold eye shadow shades, different eyeliners or kohl. You probably don’t need any other eye makeup, as the red mascara is enough all by itself. It’s a unique product that is sure to get instant popularity among fashion and makeup lovers all across the world. The red mascara compliments all eye colors and gives an instant pop of color to the face. It’s a great way to define your eyes and let your eyelashes do all the talking. So while the world is following the trend of nude shades, why not add a little color? Go ahead and make it bold red.

Waterproof Mascara.

There really is so much love and hate involved with waterproof makeup, especially waterproof mascaras. Essentially such a mascara is good only for swimming or a serious letting out of tears. However if there is not a pool side extravaganza, or a tear filled wedding to attend, what is the actual point to it all? How will you ever comfortable remove such mascara? Let’s take a quick look at why we need waterproof items such as these, and talk a bit about making it all as comfortable as possible. During the summer months, the beaches are booming, pools are open everywhere, and many newer large apartment buildings are sure to have a pool these days.

Weddings start in spring, and many dream of an autumn wedding date, so you must be ready at all times it seems. Not only that. when it’s ninety five degrees in the shade, and you are at an outdoor party, what mascara works best for such an inferno? Yeah it’s the waterproof stuff. No?

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Whenever you must be sure to have a mascara that will not fail you, no matter the conditions, that is when to go for the waterproof product. You will have no fear of flakes falling off of your lashes or any fear of streaking if you use the most durable mascara that you own. One idea to make life easier, is to apply a primer first. Apply some conditioning primer to the lashes, then apply the waterproof mascara. You will see less damage to the lashes when removing the makeup, but still have the protection desired while have the mascara in use.

The love hate aspect of this durable, cannot live without makeup, comes at the point of removal. Water based removers offer no solution worth trying up against a waterproof mascara. You will need to invest in a high quality oil based mascara removing product. Two faced, sephora, avon, maybelline, all sell a quality product for the safe and effective removal of waterproof mascaras. It is quite easy to find online, or at the local drug store near you.

Lastly i want to suggest that you never use waterproof mascara on a daily basis. It is not so much that the mascara itself is harmful, it is the extra effort of removal that can damage your lashes over time due to too much contact with your hands and with the removal products. Use the waterproof a few times a month when it makes perfect sense to do so. That way you have the best possible outcome when using such products, and by not over doing it, you will save your lashes from undue abuses. Best of luck out there with it.










Red Mascara.

Some people believe that the best Red Mascara has just been developed. It is a product sold by none other than Bloody Mary. Mary uses unique natural fibers that totally make for a fuller and longer lash without the nasty clumps and with no disgusting flaking! Bloody Mary’s Red Mascara is awesome to wear during the day light hours, or during the night, and this mascara really is a must for all of those who have been yearning for something dynamic to enhance their own lovely lashes. Black mascaras will always own the block, but lets be honest. We are all getting bored putting on our mom’s favorite mascara color. When it comes to mascaras, red really does feel like the new black.

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The thing about Bloody Mary products is that they all apply so nicely, and never do they clump up too much. The next time you apply mascara, try and use the technique of coating the tops of your lashes first, then give your attention to the underside as to be sure the color covers as much lash area as possible. Many people have been looking for a new brand of red mascara for quite some time now, and so many customers are pleased to find this one. Consistent quality, consistent color and consistent coverage. This mascara also comes with a great eye guard to protect your face while you do the combing of your eye lashes. Expect not experience any clumping problems, and a final result that is really great.

Another great aspect to this mascara is that it is all natural. Makeup lovers worldwide must be vigilant in their efforts to avoid as much toxicity as possible, while not giving up on the looks that are craved. One thing that this red can do, it is fills a void for those who needed a red base for their blue mascara. There are plenty of people opting for blue these days, but find that using black as a base, washes out the blue. When using this red as a base coat for blue, many have seen a much greater and natural looking blue color as the end result.


So lets review. Great natural fibers for an awesome look. No serious issues regarding clumping or flaking. The lash guard is amazing, and this red is an awesome base for going blue. A very nice product for those of us who find the awesome black to simply be to boring at time. I have no relationship will Bloody Mary, so you will need to find your way to a website that offers Bloody Mary Products. It’s always a great idea to read five to ten reviews before making a buy, and i have noticed many more reviews available for this product in the last month or so.

Making Mascara.

It’s very possible that you may not find the shade of mascara that you really wish to have. Not to worry, because you can take matters into your own hands, and make what you want. No it’s not crazy, and no it’s not impossible. You can honestly make your own mascara. What you need is a pure colored eye shadow in the shade that you desire, and a high quality clear mascara.

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Now, place some of the eye shadow on a mixing dish or a foil square that you have made, then dip the wand of the mascara that is already covered in clear gel, into the pigment. Carefully mix the ingredients together until you have a very smooth paste. The last thing you want is clumpy of flaky mascara. Once your makeup instincts tell you that you have the smooth paste that you desire, apply the mascara to your lashes the same way you always do.

Things you can try with this new mascara, apply your normal black mascara to the upper lashes and apply the new mascara to your bottom eyelashes for a subtle and different array of colors. Or you can go and apply black mascara at the very roots of the lashes and then go with the colored mascara to the tips of your lashes to create accent to the overall look and add a splash of your very favorite colors that will only become visible at those moments when you blink your eyes. Another idea is to put black mascara on, covering all of the lashes, then add the colored mascara to the base of the lashes for an opposite effect than the one done before.

Recently there was a trend where black mascara was being blended into colored pastes to create a whole new color of mascara that way.The use of a blue eye liner along with a lighter shade of mascara, such as a light brown, was having good results as well.


Lets say you wish to make a statement with your own personality showing through to it’s maximum. Choose a shade that closely matches the natural color of your eyes, go bold with that shade, and then go very limited with the other makeups that you will apply that day. Doing so will make it clear to whomever you are with, that you are so confident being the real you.

If you haven’t purchased an ebook yet relative to makeup techniques at home, you really should get one. This is not a sales pitch, and there are no affiliate links here. Just cant believe how much i have learned regarding all facets if life, from those three to five dollar non fiction ebooks that are available to us.  Check one out. It’s worth your time.


Colored Mascara.

Making a strong comeback from the 1980s, is the idea of colored eye makeups. This may not be a new concept, but it’s most definitely having a resurgence. The initial excitemnet began with fashion designers having their models wearing very bold pink and blue mascaras as they would walk down the runway, and then all the fashion magazines became drowned in the very favorite picks of all the colored mascaras. Now, there is plenty of shades available in every color imaginable. Makeup addicts can really create a trend all their own. Colored mascaras can really do amazing wonders for the eyes, brightening your eye color, and making all the colors nature gave to you, more vibrant.

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For you to know what colored mascaras will be best for you, a list of the best pink, purple, green and blue mascaras will be in this post. You will learn a bit more about finding the correct mascara to bring out the nature of your eye color.

Colored mascara is the ultimate idea towards complimenting your eye color. Mascara has a way of making the eyes pop. The greatest way to a serious statement is a blue mascara. Blue is a shade that gives life to all colors of eyes, and accents eyes like no other mascara color can.Blue adds brightness to the whites of the eyes, and adds to the vibrancy of the natural eye color. Options of shade of blue are nave, midnight, cobalt, turquoises and others as well.

Amazing green mascaras are available in many shades as well. Moss green seems to work best on those who have blue eyes, and emerald green seems to work best for those who have brown eyes. If you combine a green with an eyeliner that is a shade darker, you can get even better results from the green mascara. One of the simplest ways to create your own trend is by putting purple mascara to use. Those amazing shades of plum, berry or burgundy add to the punch of the already intense look of a good black mascara.It’s makes more of an impact during day light hours because of the greater visibility of the two differing shades.


The popularity of the purple mascaras is such because they look equally good against on green, blue, brown or hazel eyes.  Although purple is not really considered to be an everyday shade, Friday at the office might feel a bit special if you give it a go. Last but not least is the pink mascara. Pink looks especially good up against green eyes. Pink mascara is a great and different style of making the most natural of makeups stand up and shout. Consider any ebook online as a good resource for getting more ideas on mascara.


Beautiful Eyes Ideas.

The first thing that any one will notice when the look upon your face, is your eyes. You can instantly exude beauty and confidence, or just as instantly convey tired years of aging. Loss of sleep will just multiply that effect by ten, with puffiness and a redness to the whites of your eyes. It’s not easy. Life on the daily grind has us working to much and sleeping too little. Strategies and techniques must be put in play to help you look your best during such trying times.

One technique is the use of concealer under the eyes. Dark shadows and circles convey the opposite of who you are. Concealing such semi blemishes will go a long way to assist you in giving off the vibrancy that you feel inside. Make sure that you apply your eyeliner correctly. When using a dark liner, create a lone mid way of greater across the top as well as the bottom of the eye directly with the lash line. If you were to go any farther, you automatically create the illusion of having smaller eyes. Give a light tinted liner a go, and try it out. The use of a light or maybe a white liner, will attract available light to your eyes, and make your eyes appear to be bigger. Trying a silver liner may just reflect enough light to really brighten your eyes over all.

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Be sure to use quality eye shadows to enlarge the over all look. This can be done by a technique of employing three shades of the shadows. A light tinted shadow is to be used at the eye lid and eye brow bone area. Then you would apply a medium tinted eye shadow in the eye crease it self.  A darker shadow or even a darker shade of eye liner can be used along the eye lash line. If you were to them add some shimmery colored eye shadow at the corner of your eyes, that would assist in attracting and reflecting light.

The final idea to be shared in this post relates directly to the eye brows. When shaping the eye brows, we must consider that the brows are the frames of your eyes, just like a picture frame. Very important yes, and the frame can be tinted and shaped for maximum vibrancy. Threading, plucking, and maybe some waxing will be needed to create your desired frame. Always remove those unwanted, ugly stray hairs that we all hate, but we all have. The trick is to never remove too much of the brow. If a small error is made, fill it in with your favorite brow pencil. Using a quality eye brow gel can also add to your natural color as well as assist in preventing smudges.

Best of luck with these ideas. Cheers.